Missed opportunities

On Saturday, when out for a quick ride before my flight to Omaha, I crashed.

I was riding along the Rillito River path, bent down to grab my water bottle, and then next thing I knew I was in an ambulance being taken to the hospital. I was on a back board with a collar restraint and couldn’t move. I don’t recall anything about the incident. From what I’ve been told, some passers-by called both the paramedics and my roommate who picked up my bike. Needless to say, I missed my flight to Omaha and my race on Sunday.

I am grateful for whoever stopped to help, the paramedics, the trauma team, and everyone else who helped me on Saturday. I escaped with minor scrapes, cuts, and bruises… and a concussion. Firefighter and paramedic Matt from Tucson Fire Station 5 was very kind to me in the back of the ambulance. I owe him a big debt of gratitude.

If anyone knows who stopped to help an unconscious man on the path on Saturday morning, please have them contact me. I would like to say thanks.


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