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I’ve been really busy lately. Well, busy enough that I didn’t have time to write on the blog. Those that don’t blog probably don’t realize how much time it takes to actually write a descent post, much less put together a series of posts every day. The same thing day in and day out. Now that the complaining is done, let me update the many few one zero actual readers of this blog on my races since the last post.

I completed my marathon! Woohoo! has the results posted. 21st overall, 2nd in age group with a time of 3:50:53. That’s actually almost 10 minutes faster than my goal, which was set really slow because the course was basically up a mountain. I think there was something like 2800 ft of elevation gain. In contrast, my half was basically flat, with the most elevation change coming by crossing a bridge.

Two weeks later I ran in my first mud run. I was slightly disappointed, not with my time, but with the course. There was no mud. They had a fire hose out spraying runners in one spot and a slip-n-slide and some pools, but there wasn’t any mud to speak of. But it was still fun. 8th place overall.

I’ve raced once more since then, in a local 5k. I had a goal of finishing in 20 minutes, but unfortunately I missed it by 12 seconds. I blame the heat. It was 98 F at race start. By the end of the first mile I was dehydrated even though I made sure to drink plenty prior to the race. I’m sure if the temperature would have been even a few degrees cooler I would have shaved those few second off. Actually, I think I only have to go about 5 seconds faster. When I saw the clock tick to 00:20:00.0 I slowed up a little. But all in all I was pleased with my results. I finished 67th and 11th in age group which is pretty good since I think they said they had about 1600 people running. The winner finished in under 15 minutes, so I have a little room for improvement.

But the biggest news is that I’m registered for a triathlon on my birthday (July 3rd). The run and bike parts will be easy being only 3 miles and 12 miles, respectively. However, there’s a 800 meter swim that I’m not prepared for. It’s funny how you can have the endurance to run or bike for multiple hours, but swimming 50 meters is all you can do. Different muscles, poor form, etc. Hopefully I’ll be able to swim it by then! If not, there’s always doggy paddle.



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  1. > write a descent post…

    And those are the downhill bits 🙂

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