Mid week running

Last Saturday was a long run. I don’t have the data uploaded from my Garmin yet, but it said it was 23.55 miles in a little over 3 hours 30 minutes. I got up early (pre-dawn) and headed out to the Rillito River path. Being southern Arizona, there is no water in the river. It’s just a dried riverbed. Oh well. There’s a nice path along both sides for quite a ways. I ended up running from one end of the path to the other and back. So using my super-duper division skillz, I conclude that the path is roughtly 11.775 miles long. Not much of note during the run. There were very few cyclists, probably because of the Old Pueblo Grand Prix being held at the same time. I had my trusty Garmin set a pace for a 4 hour marathon and I stuck to it. I think I could have ran the last few miles to make 26.2, but since the plan was for 24 I decided not to.

Sunday was a day off. I actually felt pretty good. Monday was a lifting day with no running. By the end of the day, my legs were itching to get moving again, but I had to wait until Tuesday morning. Ah, when Tuesday came it was still dark. But I was getting up anyway to hit the road before work. As the Sun came above the horizon, I was out the door on the beginnings of a 4 mile run. I was trying a new strategy: try to keep the heart rate between 151 and 156 beats per minute. This was a lot harder that it would seem, and much harder than keeping an average pace. I think that was because I was running in the foothills and not on a flat path. Still, the run felt good.

This morning was a different story. When I woke up my body was so stiff. I was supposed to lift and run before work today, but ended up doing neither. I guess tonight will see me on the treadmill again. I hate the treadmill. I’ll also probably bump lifting until tomorrow morning. I don’t really like lifting at night for some reason. 8 miles tonight, easy pace. But the news is where I decided to run on Sunday.

That’s right, long run on Sunday this week. I need the extra day of rest because I’m running up Mount Lemmon. Actually, I’m only running up part of it, from Windy point to Summerhaven. 21.51 miles with 2060 ft of elevation gain. Which seems like a lot until I looked at the Whiskey Row Marathon elevation map. Race starts at 5280 ft, climbes to 7000 ft, decends to 5600 ft, climbs back to 7000 ft and then back to 5280 ft for a total elevation gain of 3120 ft. This is my only planned run on the mountain before I start tapering for the race. I hope I’ve done enough hills. I guess we’ll see mid-May!

Until next time.


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