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Mid week running

Last Saturday was a long run. I don’t have the data uploaded from my Garmin yet, but it said it was 23.55 miles in a little over 3 hours 30 minutes. I got up early (pre-dawn) and headed out to the Rillito River path. Being southern Arizona, there is no water in the river. It’s just a dried riverbed. Oh well. There’s a nice path along both sides for quite a ways. I ended up running from one end of the path to the other and back. So using my super-duper division skillz, I conclude that the path is roughtly 11.775 miles long. Not much of note during the run. There were very few cyclists, probably because of the Old Pueblo Grand Prix being held at the same time. I had my trusty Garmin set a pace for a 4 hour marathon and I stuck to it. I think I could have ran the last few miles to make 26.2, but since the plan was for 24 I decided not to.

Sunday was a day off. I actually felt pretty good. Monday was a lifting day with no running. By the end of the day, my legs were itching to get moving again, but I had to wait until Tuesday morning. Ah, when Tuesday came it was still dark. But I was getting up anyway to hit the road before work. As the Sun came above the horizon, I was out the door on the beginnings of a 4 mile run. I was trying a new strategy: try to keep the heart rate between 151 and 156 beats per minute. This was a lot harder that it would seem, and much harder than keeping an average pace. I think that was because I was running in the foothills and not on a flat path. Still, the run felt good.

This morning was a different story. When I woke up my body was so stiff. I was supposed to lift and run before work today, but ended up doing neither. I guess tonight will see me on the treadmill again. I hate the treadmill. I’ll also probably bump lifting until tomorrow morning. I don’t really like lifting at night for some reason. 8 miles tonight, easy pace. But the news is where I decided to run on Sunday.

That’s right, long run on Sunday this week. I need the extra day of rest because I’m running up Mount Lemmon. Actually, I’m only running up part of it, from Windy point to Summerhaven. 21.51 miles with 2060 ft of elevation gain. Which seems like a lot until I looked at the Whiskey Row Marathon elevation map. Race starts at 5280 ft, climbes to 7000 ft, decends to 5600 ft, climbs back to 7000 ft and then back to 5280 ft for a total elevation gain of 3120 ft. This is my only planned run on the mountain before I start tapering for the race. I hope I’ve done enough hills. I guess we’ll see mid-May!

Until next time.


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Treadmill running

10 miles, 80 minutes, no music

I have to say, running on the treadmill is convenient. But boy is it boring. When I got there, someone was on the treadmill watching the CW. I forgot my music at home so was planning on watching something, but not that. Blah. Anyway, there were only about 10 minutes left of whatever was on, so I could stick it out and then see what came on next. To my dismay, the next show was a weight loss show where the winner got a free wedding (or something like that). Ugh. It was possibly more painful that running on a treadmill without anything to distract you. I kept my eyes glued to the clock on the treadmill, and it wasn’t going fast enough. I almost quit after 5 miles, but didn’t. And I’m glad I didn’t, the last half felt the best. I got in a zone and the miles flew by.

In addition to being so boring, it was hot. The temperature in the gym was probably 70 F. That may not sound hot to anyone who eventually comes across this post, but it is when trying to run. I was tempted to turn the air conditioning lower, but then I thought that a little heat training would be good for me. I stuck it out and ran the planned distance in the planned time. I also ran out of water just as I was finishing. I hardly ever run out of water, but I guess it was because it was so hot that I was drinking more.

Tonight calls for an easy 5 mile run with a long 22 miler on Sunday. This will be my longest run in awhile and I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be nice to get back on the Rillito River path again. That’s it for now. Toodles.

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Havasu Half race recap

At the starting line of the Havasu Half MarathonIt’s now Wednesday, and I haven’t blogged yet about running my first half marathon. Due to weather conditions, I, along with my sister and her fiance, arrived in Havasu at around noon Friday. They wouldn’t let us check into the hotel yet, so we had to find something to do. This turned out harder than expected; there’s not a lot to do in Havasu besides spring break. We ended up bowling. And I kicked ass. Okay, not really. But I did beat my sister, and that’s all that counts, right?

After 2 games, we decided that was enough and headed to the hotel where the race expo was being held. Unfortunately, it didn’t start until 3 PM, and it was only about 2:30. Doh. We went back to our hotel to see if they would let us check-in a half hour early. They did… but they told us they were upgrading the keycard system, or something, so we needed someone to let us in the room. Whatever. We hung out there for a little while and then headed over to the expo.

The expo really wasn’t much. Race check-in, get your bib, “free” tech t-shirt and goodie bad – which didn’t have much in it. Read: it didn’t have anything in it. Oh well. But the good thing was when my sister saw the excitement in the room, her eyes lit up and I could tell she wanted to run, even though she hadn’t been planning on it. All it took was one time asking (and me paying her registration) and she was in the 5k. Back to the hotel, get someone to let us in again, and relax until dinner. They never did fix the door.

Pre-race dinner was at Mudshark Brewery, who also sponsored the race. Thanks! Dinner was delicious. We started with a full order of onion rings. They were huge! And the batter that covered them was delicious. I ended up having the Salmon Tortellini. It came out on a huge plate, but I ate the whole thing. Yummy. Wish I would have taken a picture. Everyone enjoyed their meals, and then we headed back to the hotel room for a good nights sleep before the big day.

We got up at 6 for for the 7:30 start. Parking at the event was easy and just a short walk to the start/finish. After finding the start, I ended up doing a warm-up to the car and back to the start. On the way back, I ran into lil sis, so we waited together until the start and got some pictures.

Me and sis at the startlineRace start time! I was shooting for a time of 1:50, so I lined up right behind the 1:50 pacer. I thought that was logical. Turns out I was wrong, but more on that later. A toot on the air horn and we’re off! And I’m getting passed like I’m standing still! WHA!!! I look at my Garmin to check my pace. Yep, right on track. Where’d that pacer go? She’s now way out ahead of me. Darnnit. What to do? I go to the side of the road and let everone pass that wants to and watch as the pacer get further and further distant. By half a mile in I couldn’t even see her. Keep your pace. First aid station. Which side to choose? Left of course, there’s less people. Slow to a walk, get the water Gatoraid and get back to running. Keep getting passed.

Around 1.5 miles everyone starts stringing out and I’m getting passed less. Yippie. At the second aid station I start passing people. Yeah, y’all started out way too fast. I’m on pace. Nothing of note happened until about mile 5 when I caught up to the 1:50 pacer. I slowed my pace a little and stuck with her for about half a mile, then passed. At the time she was ahead of the 1:50 pace by about a minute and a half. By this time I was feeling really good and was going to try for 1:40, so I turned up the pace and started passing people left and right. From mile 6 to mile 10 I was running about 7:30 miles, which is pretty good for me.

At mile 10 I was feeling great and I started running even faster. I saw one of the miles on my Garmin was sub-7 minutes. Woohoo! I skipped the last aid station and poured on the gas. Crossed London Bridge for the second time, and we done with all the hills. It was literally downhill from there. I ended up crossing the line in 1:42:06. So close to catching the 1:40 group.

crossing the finish line of my first half!After the race I felt really good, but not tired. I think I could have beat 1:40 if I had started a little faster. Oh well, cest la vie. It was my first race afterall. Lil sis ended up finishing her 5k in 32 minutes, which I think was great considering that her previous longest run had been only 2.6 miles. Way to go Sis! Cookies, Gatoraid, and some bagels after the race hit the spot. We didn’t stay for the post-race ceremony, as we had 4 hours of driving back to Phoenix, and I had an additional 2 hours to Tucson. Ended up having dinner in Phoenix and getting back home at around 7. Had some food and went straight to bed

All in all, a great weekend! I can’t wait to do it again. Next race, Whiskey Row Marathon on May 14th. Watch out you drunkards, here I come!


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Welcome to Run Nathan Run

I’ve started another blog. Hopefully I’ll keep updating this one, unlike the previous ones. The theme will be running. Most of the posts will simply be chronicling my running training, races, and other adventures. There may be other posts about related exercise, fitness, or nutrition related topics in the future. That’s it for now since nobody will see this as it’s the first post!

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